Secrets From My 
Travel Diaries

How One Burnt Out Executive Reignited the Adventurer Within

Secrets from My Travel Diaries: How One Burned Out Executive Reignited the Adventurer Within will transport you back to 1997, when I, as a college student, ventured from a small Ohio town to study and live in Germany and France, eventually traveling to more than ten countries.

My diaries, written on train rides and after countless adventures, helped me clarify my thoughts and feelings at a pivotal time in my life.

Years later, after leaving my corporate career, I rediscovered these dust-laden diaries. They reconnected me to a time of innocence and unprecedented freedom, when finding my way required paper maps, constant currency conversions, and finding truth within myself.

My hope is that this book will take you on a journey to reignite your adventurer within, shift your perspective, and inspire possibility in your own life.                             
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“[Stacey has] distilled so much knowledge and wisdom into an accessible format that has helped transform how I move through the world.”

- Jordan Martin

“Anytime I read this book is a moment of absolute joy.”

- Sara Bock

“An inspiring retrospect of a woman coming into her own. Written with thoughtful, encouraging intent.”

- DeAnn Cristensen

What They're Saying...
“Stacey has helped me cut through all the noise and stress around me to discover my true purpose in life. Most importantly, her simple yet smart, focused framework got me there quickly!”

- Ricardo Fiorillo

"This book is both inspiring and motivating and came at a point in my life where I was feeling a bit aimless and looking for something to spark a significant life shift. It expanded my view of the possibilities that lie ahead and the freedom I have to choose a new path."

- Stacy Jackson Williams

“This memoir will resonate with so many people because most of us get lost in the day-to-day and forget what our young dreams were and how much we truly knew at that age.”

- Heather Bodle

Why Should You Read This Book?
It’s taken so much more than I ever imagined to co-write this book with my 21-year-old self: to see myself for who I thought I was, who I am now, and who I can be. I’ve preserved the diaries' voice and spirit to tell the story how I saw it then, while also capturing the raw emotions of today. 

I invite you to flip through the handwritten pages with me; to travel to places far and near; to step back into what’s past, and find New Possibility

Perhaps you've toiled as a corporate professional and want more from life. If you feel off-course, I hope that you will see a pathway to the life you always wanted – the one you always thought you’d have – and still can. 

It’s time to connect to the Adventurer inside you!
Stacey Abella
Author, Coach, Speaker & World Traveler
Stacey Abella is the CEO and founder of Wind In Your Sails Consulting, and has been a passionate Traveler and Journal-er since the age of 7. 

Her eclectic career spans the spectrum from multinational corporations to the Peace Corps. Secrets From My Travel Diaries: How One Burnt Out Executive Reignited the Adventurer Within is her memoir about becoming who she is and finding the courage to pursue the life she once dreamed of. 

Her own path to Clarity and Purpose launched Wind in Your Sails Consulting, in which she coaches on how to find and monetize your passion and step into freedom the way you define it.
Stacey L. Abella
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